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  • True You Prosperous Coach sept 2023

    you can apply now to join the school in september, enrollment is open. Email: michael@michaelstenhagen.com

    The only school in Scandinavia with focus on building a prosperous coaching practice ethically and that are aligned with your own values. The second Coaching Prosperity School in Europe so far.

    sept. 6.-7th 2023

    1.gathering. Become a working coach

    Learn about the foundations of our true nature. We will go into the foundations of service and selling without selling. How to become a working coach, set your fees, and fill up your practice with ease.

    oct 4.-5th

    Learn about being present with your deeper feelings.

    How to deliver value and more what the client expects. How to have a service so astonishing your clients will rave about your services. How to get renewals and referrals.

    We will talk about money and the exchange and how to deliver value. How we can charge from ease and see our self-worth. That we are enough.

  • nov 1.-2th

    Listening and rapport. Listening for receptiveness. How to become fearless with your practice. How to create conversations and clients with ease and fun. How to use social media in a fun way to scale up your practice. This will also be part of the webinars, listen and rapport, and also in a masterclass.

    dec 6-7th

    4.gathering - Become a prosperous coach.

    Learn the atanomy of a client creation, contracts with clients, renewal, pricing, etc. How to fill up groups and have a waitinglist. How to share resources effectively with new potential clients. Contracts of commitment. Client raving about your services.

  • jan 10-11th.

    5th and last gathering

    Everything Michael is learning from the school he is attending AJC Coaching Career School, plus more here. How to become a prosperous coach. One step at the time. One client at the time. One company at the time. Year after year. How to have a sustainable practice and everything you need to know to grow yourself mentally in order to have a strong practice. Some of the tools here will have you create yourself a 6-figure practice and eventally a 7-figure, if you stay in the game and keep learning.



    Be a student. Keep on reading books, going to trainings, hire a coach that will take you further,, and use everything in this page for your personal development. Everything in the pre-webinars and Supervisions for your personal growth. The school starts once you sign up.

    Price for the school: 3500,- dollars or 37.000,- NOK

    Maksimum of 14 participants.

  • Logistics:

    The main gatherings is on wednesday and thursday evening from 7-10 pm norwegian time every month. look at world time to find your timezone.


    In addition to this participants gets webinars with me every month and twice before the school starts. I put all the dates in a section under here. Every webinar is 90 minutes + questions. 2 one on one sessions (1 hour each) with Michael during the program. You can use them before the program starts.


    Lasersessions with each participant for 30 minutes throughout the 6 months. Will be posted on the fb group. For everyone to learn. How to create a retreat (just an example), and 14 people asking 14 practical stuff about their practices.


    5 masterclasses with focus on building your practice. This spring we had Mark Howard, Dicken Bettinger, Rohini Ross, amongst others.


    Two precall webinars in zoom before we start in september.


    So to summarize what you get:

    5 main gatherings (two days: 7-10 pm norwegian time each day)

    2 webinars (prewebinars)

    5 supervisions (90-120 min)

    5 masterclasses

    14 lasercoaching sessions (30 minutes each)

    2 one on one sessions with Michael (can be taken before the school starts in september).

    Private fb group (sharing resources in guides so you feel you already started before september).


    Ressources and guides in the fb group so you feel you already started. Whats in it for you? If you are dreaming of living and sustain yourself financially as a coach and create a career out of it, this is the school for you. One day you can step out and do this fulltime. Maybe you are doing this fulltime already and want to learn the systems to create your prosperous coaching practice. Maybe you are a 6-figures coach and want to reach 7 figures.

  • This is the second time Michael is running this school.

    The advantage of this school is that it is online and not in the weekends. people can take it from any part of the world as long as they speak english. The weekend off is a nice thing to go and live your life. This is the only school in northern europe that teaches the systems to create a prosperous sustainable coaching practice. There is one in London that Michael is attending himself this autumn. Ankush Jain Coaching Career School.


    So you will learn anythning you need to create your prosperous heartcentred practice, ethically. 6-7 figures coaching businesses.

    Webinar dates

    Wed, sept 13th, 6 pm norwegian time (look at world time buddy for your timezone) 90 miniutes + ekstra questions

    Wed, oct 11th 6 pm norwegian time

    Wed nov 8th, 6 pm norwegian time

    Wed decc 13th 6 pm norwegian time

    Thurs jan 4th 6 pm norwegian time


    Pre webinars july 12th 5 pm norwegian time

    August 16th 5 pm norwegian time.