What you do if you want to write

How to create traction with your writing

A lot of coaches wants to write. One thing we can do is give a lesson or several lessons away. You learned something, and now you want to post about it. But what I have seen work better and more authentic is to just write for yourself. Dont worry about likes or outcome. Write for you and even that can be a therapeutic feeling for you. It might be fun and surprising even. Let the true you out. Listen to your inner knowing while you are writing.

Maybe you want to share something about positive impact of self-care, or how I slowed down more to the pace of life. I noticed how I was rushing from crossfit, to get to the store getting my groceries. Rushing home to make dinner, so I can create as soon as possible. Something I can post in social media. Take your time! Really! Firstly, I noticed I was rushing, that got my present. Then something strucked me. When I am rushing, I should really slow down. The total opposite. When I did most things fell in place. I enjoyed my dinner. I took my time. All of the sudden I did a facebook live with my group True You Prosperous Coach. Then I started writing with Rohini Ross about being a guest speaker. Beautiful words to her on what to talk about. Then I started writing with a potential client on messenger. Just following my inclination. Now I will post this and write a newsletter. Lets see if I get that far first.

If you would like to write about something profound that happened to you, just write about that. There are litterally no rules. It helps if what you writes means something to you. It also helps to invite the reader into your world. Dont hold back. It would be amazing if you actually did it for yourself. Then you will see that the creation goes by itself. There will be no thinking about the outcome or likes or anything. Trust me, it will relate if you are authentic.



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