How to have an Effective first Call with a Potential Client?

When I first started out with this back in 2014, february, coming from the hotel industry and sales, I thought that was an advantage, because I knew how to sell in the traditional way. Talking about the benefits with the customer and present the unique selling points and so on, convincing them to choose our hotel chain.

The transition over to coaching I actually had a good start, but I remember even back then that I did have a "dog in the figh"t meeting potential new clients. I was passionate about what I learned in La Conner with the Pranskys and the transformation I got within me, wanting to teach that away. When I was having coffees with people, and mostly people from my network, I was passionate and eager to help them. Although I was fairly good at that, I didnt see the missing pieces in my enrollment conversations.

For instance I was selling, instead of serving. It was sometimes mostly about me, instead of them. I was listening, but not listening to them at the same time. I did have a connection, and didnt have it, because I had "a dog in the fight". A metaphor I learned from George Pransky.

Today, is a different story. I advanced after going through a mentorship program with the Pranskys, and also read a lot of books from Steve Chandler, doing his ACS -Advanced Client Systems. I have been Rewilding my Practice with Rohini and Angus Ross, also in client creation. Having more impact with people than ever before.

You might not like to read this, but if people dont sign up with you after your first initial call, or after giving them a few sessions for free, it might be fair to look at how much of an impact you have in the calls with them. How much of a difference do you make helping them out in your inital calls? Is the potential client feeling impacted, and so much they want to continue the conversation with you?

If that is the case, I would encourage you to get some coaching supervision or speak to someone about improving your coaching skills. I personally recommend people like Dr Mark Howard and Linda Pransky, who are brilliant in their initial conversations with potential clients to really get to the heart of an issue and are therefore some of the best enrollers in the world.

If you want to get deeper into this subject I highly recommed listening to this audio Grounding is Everything with Linda Pransky



Creating Clients with Steve Chandler







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